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A beautiful new way to combine photography, printing and quiltmaking
by Carolee WitheeBy Juliet NowlanDoris WoodwardMartha Steele  - Here is a picture of my finished poster quilt of Orvieto.  I had a lot of fun making it.  I hope you can see the skyline of Orvieto I stitiched at the top and some valley images at the bottom.Linda HazeldenLinda HazeldenRenate Soltman - "Braces"Pat SeitasLynn & Marian Sykes
We had great fun in the classes and learned so much.  I have attached a picture of the finished quilt.  What we did was take the pictures we took in the park and focusing on one particular item, enhanced that and made the fabric that made up each block. Karen RichardsSue LathropChris Allpenzeller - "I enjoyed trying different kinds of thread and stitching in my quilting.  It was also fun blending the borders and binding with the colors of the design."
Darlene Yetter - I have attached a photo of the quilt I made for my Brother.  I named it: "Old Friends" The pictures are of his Antique and Classic Cars and Tractors, some of which he lost in the 2003 San Diego Fires along with his home.Phyllis Tarrant  .... a journal quilt.  I try to make one every month and when there are enough I put them together in a book.  For this one, I used what we printed in class and 2 others that I printed at home.  It is just called “NC Quilt Symposium 2007”.Peggy Barkel - Summer DazePeggy Barkle - Summer Daze DetailJoanne NunnJoanne Nunn -   Quilt DetailJulie Jacobs-HigdonJulie Jacobs-Higdon   -  Quilt detailDianna Ramsey - PietaDianna Ramsey - Pieta Quilt detailSigrid Kenny - Marin's Class QuiltSigrid Kenny - Marin's Class Quilt  detail showing Marin, her friend and her teacherSigrid Kenny - Zoe Singing' in the RainKratttsSara Woodward - Ireland QuiltPatti Brown - Chacuma QuiltDot Forsythe  -  Australia Trip Memory Winniw WoodburyMarcia Shipman - Where the Buffalo Roam (detail)Marcia Shipman - Where the Buffalo Roam Sharon Wasterley - Rockport HomeNancy Rogers - Star FlowerMary Cannizzaro - museums, The Hammond Museum in North Salem solicited our guild for quilts appropriate for an exhibition entitled "Zen Stitches".  My quilt fit the profile exactly.  I was thrilled and excited when I arrived at the exhibit opening and my quilt was front and center! Anita Heady - The title of the quilt is  "I Pray for Peace".  The photo is one from my son's camera; he set it up and had his buddy snap the photo.    Every piece of fabric, except the borders and printed fabrics, has been altered with ProFab paint to match the photo.
Student Gallery
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The pictures represent the work of quiltermakers who have attended one of my classes or have been inspired by one of the Blending Photos with Fabric books.
If you have a photo of your work to share with me and others, please send it to me along with the name of your quilt and your permission to post in on this page. 
Or, if you just want to be inspired by this quilts that these artists have made, just click on a thumbnail and enjoy!

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